The importance of a Time Line on your wedding day!

A few years back I wrote an article for a local wedding magazine about the importance of a timeline, and I think its time to bring it back up and let you all know that it is still valid! You need to have a timeline for your wedding day.  Even if you are not hiring a wedding planner and believe me we do recommend that you do, you can  find out our reasons on our Life is short ... blog post  to do this.  The timeline is not only for you  as a couple and wedding party but it is also fundamental that your wedding vendors,  all of  them are aware of it , when you create a timeline and let your vendor know it will keep confusions and unnecessary delays from taking place.   A good timeline can influence on the flow of your wedding day and always if you are planning a destination wedding on the Caribbean schedule those afternoon showers in! and have a plan B.   

When you are designing your timeline you need to be in contact with your wedding vendors and know their needs too.  This comes specially important when we are talking about photography.  When the photographer arrives at your wedding venue, you need to make sure that the decorator has already been finish with the venue decor or at least is on the last stages of it., why because we do photograph details, at least in my case I love to photograph the decor and table set up of the reception area  and wedding ceremony venue,  you know all those tiny special little details that make your event unique.  I love to photograph them not only during daylight but also during the night, and this brings me to another important detail , we photograph the night look during the cocktail time, which means the reception area must be kept "close " to avoid clutter on the tables.

Make up artist and hair dressers also need to be aware of your timeline , they need to know what time is the ceremony  schedule and base on how many ladies they are going to be working on , they will let you know when they  should begin services.  We love when make up artist work on the bride and bridesmaids at the wedding location because this avoids travel time!

This brings me to another important fact,  having a make up  & hair trail before the wedding day.  I cannot stress how much this is important , you don't want any surprises on your wedding day or to go to a salon and not be happy with the final results! You want to work with a make up artist that already knows about your skin type  and hair , who has already tested that Pinterest  make and hair style that you love and more importantly you are happy with the final results.   You want your make up artist te be done at least 45 minutes prior to the ceremony ... why , because this will allow us to be able to photograph not only portraits of your lovely Bridesmaids but will also allow us to do those amazing Bridal and Groom  Portraits prior to the ceremony.  

When you make a timeline even how long it takes to put on your gown has to be taken  into consideration! Is it a zipper or a corset closure? or little tiny buttons.   You don't want to be stressing about time and been late for your ceremony and not having that amazing sunset on the background.

AS you make your timeline in the case of the photographer , we need that time before the ceremony and  time afterwards before the reception for formals portraits of the family and wedding party and we love sunsets for the Bride and Groom couples pictures.   Will you be doing a first looks session? then your timeline will change.

When it comes to the reception, you need to schedule your protocol base on what you want your photographer and videographer to cover.  How long will the photographer be there ?  You need to carefully plan and let your photographer know what will be taking place and the order during your reception,  just to make sure we will be there to document it. 

Remember your timeline is the blueprint of your day and if you want it to run smoothly you need to put on some time on it.  I am not saying there will not be  a few issues, there is something always happening but the more prepared you are the more you enjoy your day.  This is why planning a timeline with the help of your Wedding Coordinator and the Photographer will allow for the perfect day.



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