Life is short , buy the shoes , hire the Wedding Planner .

As a photographer I have documented many , many weddings from intimate affairs  to big eight  hour events.  I love them all , every wedding is special and different but what I love the most is when a couple chooses to hire a wedding planner!   I know times can be difficult sometimes and we want to save as much money as we can but hiring a wedding planner is not an expense you want to skip. 

Why are we as photographers love when the planner is there, because she will make everything run smooth that day, she will schedule the timelines that we live by and adore , she will consult with us the best time for that beautiful sunset light  and allow us to work our magic.  She will recommend you or decorate the location gorgeous filled with all the little details that set your day apart and we love , love to photograph, she will have a plan B  in case it rains! and believe me if you are planning a destination wedding in the Caribbean it will at some point rain.  She will work with your budget and keep you on budget.  From Bachelor parties and welcome dinners to fireworks on the night of the wedding,  she / he can do it all. 

When you hire a local destination wedding planner she has a vast knowledge of the destination  , the vendors,  the entertainment , restaurants , she will be not only your planner , but your confidant and your travel guide. 

In the end you want to enjoy every moment of your day and not been consulted every second of the day on every little detail or chore to be done.  You want  to relax, savor each moment with your friends  and family.  Fun  is the key word.  How do you want to remember your day.  Life is short and  you want to enjoy the best moments in life, a wedding is one of them. 


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