How to hire the perfect Wedding Photographer for your Puerto Rico Wedding

So you got engaged and now the fun begins.  Planning your dream wedding.  WE all love the planning process, the excitement and the stress,  always finding help from an amazing wedding planner will help you to de-stress and allow you to enjoy every single moment of the wedding planning process.  If you are in doubt about hiring a local wedding planner please read about it on our post Life is Short buy the Shoes Hire a Planner  ,  but todays post is about finding the perfect photographer, and when I say perfect I mean perfect for  you. 
So the planning process begin and you have your date , your dream venue already booked what to do next?  Find your photographer.  It is always recommended that among the first vendors you hire for your wedding is the wedding photographer , specially if you are getting married on a special date ( 8 / 8 / 2018 ) and if the photograph is very popular and it is the one you love ,  you should not hesitate to book their services.   Photographers get book even one year in advance.  The last thing you want is for your dream photographer to not be available. 
What are the characteristics of your perfect photographer? well it really depends on your tastes, how important is photography for you and future spouse and budget.  If you are having a destination wedding will you be hiring a local wedding photographer ( recommended  hint ! hint! ) or will you be bringing your own photographer?  
Lets talk about for a moment on what not to do ... here is our wedding photography tip.  Don't "hire" your friend who has a expensive camera, or your uncle unless they actually are a profesional photographer and more importantly you have seen their work and you love it.   I have heard nightmares tales of brides not happy with their wedding pictures because their friend who is also a guest decided to do photographer that day or the mother in law hire the photographer.  I have also heard people recommending not hiring a photographer and using their iPhone !!!  ( ehh no! ) I mean yes iPhones are quick and capable of good photos but you have to know and understand the basics of good lighting in order to be able to capture amazing images. 

When you are in the process of looking for your photographer you can go about it two ways, first you directly hire him / her , if you do take the time to research local area photographers , go into their online portfolio / website all social media.  Look at their work , when you do this you will be able to see and understand the photographer's style not only their style of capturing or documenting a wedding but their edition style also.   
Every photographer has their own unique style, their unique vision.  You have to think what style of photography draws you more. ? Do you want a photographer who only does pose style images ? Do you want a photographer that is more of a documentary style? Do you want a photographer that works only digital or works only film ? or a combination of both.  Do you want a photographer who has a more romantic approach to a wedding or a more fun look ?  Do you want a photographer who mainly works with natural light or works only flash photography?  
These  are the basic questions that you need to ask yourself when you are looking for a photographer and you can see their style once you go into their websites.  Get familiar with their work , go into their social medial  , there you will know if they are working continuously, check their reviews , there is not better advise that those of past Couples.  Once you are familiar with their work , reach out. 
Call or email your photographer , say hi , we love it when you say hello and not only ask for how much do you charge... ???  Tell us about your event ,  date, venue  ask if we are available and then ask about our pricing guide.   

Have a few options when it comes to photographers, remember that when you hire a local photographer you are helping the local economy.   If you don't know what kind of questions to ask your photographer,  Pinterest has many , many posts on what questions to ask ,  remember these are only a guide and think if they really apply to what your are looking for... because does it matter if your photographer uses Canon or Nikon? 
Ask about style , how they edit , how they delivered the images, ask about print rights ,  do they have back up equipment, do they bring a second shooter or an assistant ,  what happens if the events get cancel,  what happens if the events gets cancel due to natural disaster ?  do you work with a contract ?  what happens is for any reason you are unable to cover the event ?  Do you deliver raw files ( eh.. no), what does the photography package includes , how many hours of coverage? how many images do you deliver.. ? ask about the album process and the galleries .
Even if your fab wedding planner is recommending a wedding photographer don't just blindly include their services with your all inclusive wedding package.  Take the time to review their work and contact them , this will allow you to have that connection prior to the wedding day. 
My wedding tip is that if you love photography, if you value it and know the importance of it.  Take your time to study a photographers work , get to know them so you will feel comfortable but must importantly don't base your judgment only on your budget,  on occasions photographers are know to work within a budget of a couple but is not the rule, communication is key.   If you fall in love with the work BOOK 'EM . ! 


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