The very trendy and popular shoot list , should you send one to your wedding photographer?

Every once in a while we are asked by some brides or couples if they could send us a shoot list ? A list of the photographs they want... my immediate response is why? don't you like what I do?? It is my believe that if and when you hire a wedding photographer for your wedding you have carefully selected that photographer,  you did your homework and search google for a list of local photographers, you went into the photographers webpage , social media, instagram maybe follow them,  you have carefully seen their publish work on their blogs, you have search day and night google for reviews and pretty much are familiar with the kind of images they do.  When you study carefully a photographer's work you will know how they appraoach a wedding , how they edit , their style of photography if they pose their clients or if its more of a candid documentary style.  You are able to see if their style is more documentary , if they love to do high contrasted images , if they tent to work with a dark mood or airy washout style.   

Photographers have worked hard and have defined their style along their years of experience.  Until they are able to define a style of their own.  We are not against shoot list but it really depends on the kind of list you are sending your wedding photographer. 

I am sure that if you are planning your wedding and have search all over internet and even Pinterest you will find many , many post and boards about the famous "Must have wedding photographs " , "Shoot Lists" , but if you actually print them and go over them you will clearly see that the majority if not all of the photographs listed all those "must haves" are basically what a professional photography already does every wedding they shoot. 

I am sure the reason you are hiring a specific wedding photographer is because he / she is because you have seen their work and know that these basic shots are something they already know and do.  You are hiring your wedding vendor because after carefully searching and studying their online presence and seen their work and meeting with them you trust this person to do an amazing job at your wedding and believe me we are honor that you have trusted us and more importantly trust in our talent, experience  and expertise to document your wedding day and this is why this basic sort  of wedding photography shot list in not necessary. 

I will  tell you the kind of shoot list and information you need to send to and talk to over with your wedding photographer.  This information is important because it is specifically about your wedding day and your wedding event.  While we have covered and photograph many wedding not every wedding story  is the same, every couple is unique.  

Here is my take on the wedding shoot list : 

  • At the time of family formals let us know if there is a guest , a friend or a family member that is special and very important for you to have a formal picture with.  

  • At the time of family formals is very important to let your photographer know the family dynamics, if there is any deceased family member , if parents are separated , re married or any information that is important in order to avoid awkward moments during family pictures. 

  • Many couples chose to honor or pay tribute to a family member who is no longer with them.  The tribute may be a bouquet of flowers, a pin that symbolizes them, a picture at the wedding ceremony, a picture in the bouquet, a rosary  or even a candle.  Let your photograph know you are honoring their presence and how you are doing it so they can incorporate images of their memory. 

  • Gifts... we love gifts who doesn't if you are exchanges gifts let us know so we are ready at the moment of the exchange, if you are planning also on exchanging gifts with the bridesmaids or parents, this details are very important so we are ready to capture them.

  • During the reception if you have special dance plan, a Batucada or even fireworks.  

  • A special details on your wedding dress or his shirt like an embroidered shirt with the date of your wedding .  

These details are the information and list that you want to share with your wedding photographer anything that will happened that is out of the ordinary.  You may have a surprise for your guest but you don't need to surprise your wedding photographer.   The more he / she knows about what will make your day unique is information that will allow them to be ready to document it.  Communication is key specially with your photographer ! 


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