When its all About the Details

To continue with our little wedding tips for a your perfect wedding photography, today we are going to blog about  one of our favorites moments to capture during a wedding day. Getting Ready is one of our favorites moments to document on a  wedding,  there are so many things going on at the same time, so many emotions, so much excitement!  It is during the time the  Bride is getting ready,  that we take a few moments and photograph all the important details and decor of the day. 

Details are a very important part of your wedding day, details define your  style and sets your day apart from others  and we love to photograph them and include them as part of your story, after all you have carefully plan everything and you don't want to miss out on anything that is part of your big day. 

Here my favorites details to photograph while getting ready: 

1.  Wedding Bands including your engagement ring

Your gorgeous wedding bands and engagement ring deserve to be part of our details shots and we can incorporate them with other details from your wedding or the environment your getting ready.  Since we are on the subject of jewelry lets bring up  :

2.  The Bride's jewelry

You have carefully selected the pieces that you will be wearing on your wedding day.  A bride may be wearing something new or something old that has special meaning to her.

When it comes to putting on your earrings or any jewelry, as photographers we love to capture every moment that the bride is getting ready.  I like to document when the bride puts on her earrings, on many occasions her mom or best friend helps her putting on the necklace, making it  a nice moment.

3.   Shoes, Anklets and Garters

The perfect dress deserves the perfect shoes and they deserve to be photograph.  A bride's shoe selection not only depicts her sense of style but her personality as well.   The garter is on of the details that most bride's include in their attire.  A bride may wear the garter on her left leg or right leg since there is not "correct" leg to  wear it, many chose to wear two garters , one to toss and one to keep. 

When it comes to beach weddings, many brides chose to wear a beautiful anklet to allow her to comfortable walk on the sand  and they are just stunning. 

4.   Bride's Bouquet

It is very important that the bride's bouquet be on the location where she is getting ready, this allow us time to photograph it and use it on the bridal portraits before the ceremony.  

5.  The Dress

The wedding gown is one of the most important and must have wedding detail shots.  The dress defines not only the bride's unique style but also the style of the event.  

These are just a few of the Bride's important details that we mostly photograph during the Getting Ready moments, we love details shot, so before you start getting ready make sure you have these or any other important details that you want to include on your wedding photography ready for us to start documenting.  


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