Picture Perfect Getting Ready Moments | Before you put on your Wedding Gown

bride preparing for the wedding

On our previous post we talked about all the important details we photograph and like to incorporate on your wedding day photography.  Today we will blog about a few tips or ideas that we love and will make your getting ready moments picture perfect.  

1.  Cute Little Robes for the Bride

Definitely a must do,  you can wear this lovely robes for when you are getting ready.  Just wear your bridal lingerie and you are ready once the hair and make up is done. They do make a pretty group pic when you get your bridesmaids robes to wear.

2.  Bridesmaids

Having your bridesmaids close to your getting ready location ensure fun times and support every second of your getting ready moment, they can tend to your every need and help each other while getting ready to walk down the isle.    Your bridesmaids can also be wearing those cute robes that we love and they are always a nice photo op and group image.

Having your bridesmaids there with you to help you get into the dress!

 Bridesmaids Portraits, we also take time from the getting ready moments to photograph your gorgeous gals in their lovely gowns.  Bride and Bridesmaids formals pre ceremony should be on your  list.

4.  Crochet hooks

You are going to thank me for this one.  Why you need a crochet hooks, well if you wedding gown has those gorgeous tiny buttons on the back that need to go trough the loop, this is when a crochet hooks comes in handy, it will allow you to easily and quickly close your dress.

4.   Moms

If you mom is present and you want to include her in your preparation its always a nice touch when she helps with the final details  when you get on your dress.  Moms helps the brides with the veil , putting on your jewelry, making her part of your special day will make her feel even more special. 

5.  Bring on the champagne 

Bring out the bubbly is time to celebrate, months of planning come down to one single perfect day!  Share this moments with your family and bffs ! It is well deserved.


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