Breaking up with Tradition | Reasons why to do a First Look Session

Wedding Traditions

Today we are going to talk about breaking up with tradition and superstition.  If you are not a traditional bride you may be inclined to do a First Look Session prior to your wedding ceremony.  But, what is a first look session ? For all you amazing couple's out there in the planning world,  a first look session is a moment during your wedding dat that before the ceremony  you get to meet and see  each other privately,  only with your amazing photographer to capture all the excitment  and emotional moments when you see each other for the first time in your wedding attire looking all fab. 

Lets go back a little bit in time and remember the reasons why everyone thinks is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony... do you believe that ? its it possible ? or is it a myth? and why are we so incline to believe it? What is the origin of this believe ? Well the real reason dates back to the time when marriages were arranged.   Weddings were basically a business deal between two families, fathers were more than happy to give away their daughters in exchange for a better family situation but they were also afraid that if the promised couple met each other before the "deal was sealed" the Groom may not be pleased or liked  his bride and cancel the deal.   Yeah there you have it ,  ohh the romance ... 

Well thank God we no longer have to deal with arrange marriages at least on this side of the world and we enter them with love and the person of our choosing, which means no bad luck for you, if you see your Groom before the wedding, is a believe that has been pass down with no reason at all. 

But why do we as photographers or at least me, encourages couple's to do a First Look Session ?  I love the intimacy of the moment,  with all the attention and the comings and goings of the day, a nice break from it all its always nice.  What more amazing moment than to see each other, relax and breath for a few moments in each others arms.  

First sessions are usually in a location away from your guests, wedding party and family.  Couple's pick a location, it can be within a private area on their wedding venue or a different location.  

During the first look we not only capture the couple's true reaction of seen each other but it provide us with a few moments to do formal portraits with no-one around .  If you are a couple in the planning process and its thinking about a First Look Session, just take a look at this amazing moments that we have been bless to capture from our past couples.  They are pure emotion and we love , love documenting moments like these. 

If you decide to go ahead and include a First Look Session, talk to your wedding coordinator and when your are together planning the timeline of the day and make sure you set up enough time for this intimate session.  Always take into consideration travel time if you decide to do it in a different location. 


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