Top 5 Things to Bring for your Wedding

Today we want to talk about what to bring to your wedding.  Yes  lets talk or read about what important items you can bring to your wedding that we as photographers or at least me love to photograph and include in your details shoot and to incorporate them as part of the story of the day. 

Specially if you  are planning a destination wedding in Puerto Rico make sure to pack these and take this into consideration into your planning. 

1.  Your Wedding Invitation: 

I am sure you are safe keeping one back at home, but for us its part of our details shoots, this lovely piece of art will go well with your rings and it will definitely get a spot on your album.   Wedding invitations tends to reflect the couple's style, wedding colors and decor and to keep the flow on the album to entice the views from the moment your start planning to the final product. 

2.  Gifts 

If you have a special gifts ohh we love them!! If you plan to exchange gifts make sure your photographer is well aware and prep for the moment that is the surprise moment!  We love to document that reaction when you open the gift , its like Christmas all over again. 

3.  Vows Booklets

How cute are these!! I fell in love with them the first time I saw them! They are simply Perfect! They are gorgeous to look at.  They are a perfect way to preserve the promise of love... and they definitely look a lot better than a piece of paper or reading your vows from your smart phone. 

4.   Love Letters 

From Ernest Hemingway to Marlene Dietrich , Napoleon to Josephine , Frida Kalo to Diego Rivera, Beethoven to his Inmortal Beloved  and Georgia O'keeffe to Alfred Stieglitz, who says a romantic gesture from past times has to be gone and forgotten.  We love it when couples express their feelings and present their love one with a romantic or love letter to be read right before their I DO'S.

5.   Wedding Hangers 

  "No more wire hangers" remember that !  Well that is how we feel and a little heart broken when that gorgeous wedding gown is hang with a plastic  or wire hanger!  These types of hangers are lovely and easy to find on Etsy.  Invest in a decorated hanger to showcase your new name . 

So there you have it, our Top Five things to bring to your wedding, remember these when you are planning and packing for your wedding in Puerto Rico.  


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