Puerto Rico Elopements

Puerto Rico Beach Elopements

Elopements - The act of running secretly as to be married.  To run away and not come back to the point of origin.  

Couples chose an amazing location that is special to them to take that leap into a married life. They want to make it just about them,  to feel that special connection that brought them together in the first place. They want to concentrate into each other and while big weddings are special an elopement is a moment of pure intimacy. 

There is no doubt that while I love  documenting big, weddings, among my favorites Elopements.  Documenting elopement are very intimate, we are able to take our time without dealing with timelines, we can savor each moment and allow the couple to enjoy our gorgeous sunsets.  Just because they are small affairs does not mean that elopements   go without beautiful details  from a bride's bouquet to an intimate candle light dinner. 


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