Our love hate relationship with Pinterest

One of the most amazing tools out there in today's social media world is Pinterest. An amazing way to click and safe your favorites images , recipes, home ideas, home decor , style , DIY and many more things ...  from the web and even from within boards of Pinterest to keep them in a safe them either to do them or to inspire us , but what is in Pinterest ? 

Pinterest is define as and I quote : "Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to discover information on the World Wide Web, mainly using images and on a shorter scale, GIFs and videos."

Launched in 2010 it has become one of the most favorites applications used,  specially when it comes to wedding planning, from color scheme to wedding venues to destination weddings venues, bridal bouquets , bridesmaids gowns to hair and make up ,  you can find inspiration on everything .  

Many brides fill their boards pretty quickly with their dream house and their dream wedding, they plan and pin the way they want their wedding to look.  Its an easy tool because you can share your inspiration boards with your wedding planner and that sharing comes in handy when you are planning a destination wedding.  Pinterest is a tool to share ideas and inspiration and we love , love using it.  But here is the key when it comes to photography : INSPIRATION. 

When you decide to create a wedding photography board to share for your photographer and lets be clear I don't mind going over a couple's board as I use it more as to be inspired and  get to know the style that the couple is looking forward. Keeping  in mind that the style has to be smiliar to my style of photography as I am using it as inspiration and not to copy exactly the look and feel of the pin image because that could be imposible to a certain extend.  Why we use it as inspiration because as photographers we want to document your wedding with our own views and style , that is why you selected us in the first place.  Another reason is the lighting situation, the light varies from location to location even from day to day.  Why not copy and yes inspired because you do not want to hire what I often call a "pinterest photographer" . 

Again  I love when a bride shares with me her ideas and  boards because it allows me to get to know her better.  AS a photographer I have work with brides that have sent me their inspiration boards. 

Pinterest is an amazing tool and as a photographer I used it to showcase our gorgeous island for your  destination wedding in Puerto Rico, as a tool for you to find inspiration in decor and flower bouquet and mainly to share my work.  

I also use it for inspiration, every now and then I get to collaborate with other amazing wedding creatives and I create boards with the look that I want for the model and the feel of the shoot itself. 

I love Pinterest is an great tool for information and its always fun to create new boards, its a helpful tool to share ideas for brides and creatives and its an amazing tool for inspiration  and I don't love it when others expect to re create  and not use it as inspiration.  Be inspired by it , create something new something that accommodates and defines  your style. 

So if you still have not Pinterest go over to their web page and sign up or download the app to your phone and start pinning!  

Happy Pinning! 


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