Thank you 2017

As we come to the end of the year and think back on the last few months , I hear a lot and even myself complain that it has been a difficult year and having two hurricanes strike the island did not make it any better. It does not make it better knowing that there are still people suffering from the aftermath of the storm.  We tend to easily forget the good times and keep re living the difficult times.  I cannot help to think that It has not been that bad! 

2017 was the year of lessons and we learn them the hard way.  Lessons about our business, our country and our family and how much are prepare to face those difficult moments.  

Looking back it was not a bad year! I have my health, my family , we traveled and photograph amazing weddings and couple's . It was good.  So thank you 2017 and wishing everyone an amazing 2018!!


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