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How to hire the perfect Wedding Photographer for your Puerto Rico Wedding

So you got engaged and now the fun begins.  Planning your dream wedding.  WE all love the planning process, the excitement and the stress,  always finding help from an amazing wedding planner will help you to de-stress and allow you to enjoy every single moment of the wedding planning process.  If you are in doubt about hiring a local wedding planner please read about it on our post Life is Short buy the Shoes Hire a Planner  ,  but todays post is about finding the perfect photographer, and when I say perfect I mean perfect for  you.  So the planning process begin and you have your date , your dream venue already booked what to do next?  Find your photographer.  It is always recommended that among the first vendors you hire for your wedding is the wedding photographer , specially if you are getting married on a special date ( 8 / 8 / 2018 ) and if the photograph is very popular and it is the one you love ,  you should not hesitate to book their services.   Photographers get book even…

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