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41 Reasons

Where do I begin... where to I start from ? ... that is the questions that a few weeks ago every person has been asking themselves.  Our lives , our world had been rocked since September 20, 2017.  We all have been affected by that day, Maria came with fury and shook our normal every day life.  Many people lost their lives, their homes, their jobs , their security.  Every day was a struggle and it is still for most.  The uncertainty of the future is still a  blur.   Maria provided us with life lessons that we will never forget , she forced us to look into our lives and make decisions that otherwise we would not have to.   
Many people for whatever reasons decided to pack up and leave in search of a better life. Others decided to rough it up and stay... why ?  Because we have hope . Hope that things will get better.  Maria has brought people together, strangers helping each other, feeding each other , many communities have come together and made efforts to rebuild because they know it…

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